We will be featuring two of the top freestylers in the country during the tournament weekend. For more information and for some pictures and videos, please visit our Freestylers Page.

This activity also includes the Juggling Competition, where participants try to set the record for the most touches without the ball touching the ground.

Desert Speed School

Test your explosive power and first-step quickness at the Desert Speed School's Vertical Jump Challenge and Obstacle Course Challenge! Prizes will be awarded to top boys' and girls' scores by age. In addition, Desert Speed School will also feature a Raffle Wheel!

Desert Speed School will be at Kino North on Saturday and Kino South on Sunday.

 For more information on the Speed/Agility programs offered at The Desert Speed School, visit desertspeedschool.com.

Power Shot Competition

Due to technical difficulties, we will not have the PowerShot competition this year. We apologize for any inconvenience.


FC Tucson Soccer Cage

Soccer Cage FC Tucson will have the their soccer cage set up at the tournament. Come visit the cage and meet FC Tucson players and coaching staff on the North Complex.