2021 Challenge Cup Schedule

Tournament Brackets

Hello All!

GotSoccer were having some issues that prevented us from publishing the schedule as early as we would have liked - thank you for your patience.

With a record number of teams came a record number of coaches with multiple teams! We had requests to black out times not only for that reason, but for picnics, church, school activities, other sports, charity events, fun runs; you name it, we saw it and tried our best to accommodate every request we could, but there will still be some we could not avoid.

The schedule is final barring any obvious errors, such as a team playing in two places at the same time or with no rest time between games.

Some friendly reminders:

  1. Festival format at U10 and below - there are no playoffs and scores/standings are not posted.
  2. Parents - respect the game and honor the memory of Tim Parfrey with positive behaviors on the sideline. You are a guest at your son or daughter's game; please be a good guest and do not tell them what to do when they are on the field - you get to do that at home! Pull up a chair, relax and enjoy watching them play.
  3. Coaches & Parents - referees are going to make some mistakes - they don't do it on purpose and they are not millionaires from officiating youth soccer - let them get on with it!
  4. Please read through the tournament rules carefully, especially if you have a U9-U10 team to familiarize yourself with 1-2 things you may not typically experience.

We're excited to host so many people and look forward to seeing you - thanks for being a part of it, have a great time and good luck to all in the 2016 CDO Challenge Cup!

CDO Challenge Cup Tournament Committee