The CDO Challenge Cup has been in close contract with the Arizona Soccer Association regarding the Coronavirus issue. The State has issued the following:

Arizona Soccer Association (ASA) continues to be focused on the health and wellbeing of not only the soccer community but the communities in which we all live. We are staying committed to leveraging local and national resources to guide us in actions that ensure responsible behavior. Upon further review of the CDC Mitigation Strategy ( ASA will take greater steps to reduce any close contact of individuals.

Effective immediately ASA will:

  • Cancel all remaining ASA managed league games and events. This includes the Arizona Federal Advanced Leagues, Open League, Whataburger Spring Academy Festival, and the College ID Camp.
  • League rules regarding un-played games will be in effect for determining final league standings.
    Suspension of all Coaching Education Courses.
  • Recommend all Clubs, Leagues, and Teams suspend training and participation in any events that would promote any level of “close contact” for a period through March 29.
  • Recommend suspension of any out-of-state travel

Along with these cancellations the ASA Office will be closed until March 30, 2020. ASA staff remain committed to serving our membership so operations will continue, with staff working remotely. There will be no decline in service to the ASA membership.

At this time it is our expectation that Presidents Cup and State Cup will be played as currently scheduled. ASA will continue to monitor developments of the COVID-19 virus over the coming weeks and communicate accordingly.

These decisions and recommendations are not taken lightly and we realize the potential impacts on Clubs, teams, and families. We recognize, as we communicated yesterday, that the Arizona Department of Health is not giving this guidance, but after many conversations with leadership of both Arizona soccer clubs, other Arizona sports organizations, and the closing of many school districts we are confident that this is the correct action at this time.

Contact ASA if you have any questions.

Since CDO Challenge Cup is after the recommended date and the State is continuing with the President’s Cup and State Cup we are going to continue to play the CDO Challenge Cup until directed otherwise. There is some additional information below to help understand our decision.

We understand each State and Federation may have different requirements from Arizona. We respectively ask you to review the requirements put forth by your governing organization to determine if you are able to play. If you are not able to play, please send an email to the CDO Challenge Cup at stating due to the travel restrictions levied on our team due to the coronavirus we wish to withdraw from the event. We will withdraw the team and start the refund process. In order for us to remain on schedule please make every effort let us know not later than 15 March.

The CDO Challenge Cup will continue to monitor the situation as it changes and evolves in the state of Arizona and provide any updates as we receive.

Please let us know if you have any questions or need any further information.

CDO Challenge Cup

Below is some addition information relative to this decision:

It’s important to appreciate that soccer complexes are on another level than a traditional “sports venue.” Given the space (soccer complexes avg. 40-80 acres) and distance between fields, there is ample room for non-related spectators to keep a safe distance. Going forward with youth soccer games/tournaments that are almost exclusively attended by discrete family units and related groups poses little to no additional risks of transmitting a virus to others as a result of attendance, unlike other gatherings (concerts, professional sports, etc.).

If the venue was enclosed or seating next to strangers were close such that maintaining at least 6 feet was not possible, it would be a different consideration. In the case of youth soccer games, it is very easy to maintain safe distances between non-related spectators and following standard sanitizing procedures.

There has been few isolated cases in the state of Arizona that have been controlled. You can stay up to date with state health guidelines and recommendations that currently include –

  • No recommendations to cancel mass gatherings at this time
  • No recommendations to close schools at this time
  • No current changes to your normal business activities. Telework and other alternatives can be considered.
  • Increase hand hygiene (wash with soap and water for at least 20 seconds)
  • Stay home when you are sick
  • Implement visitor screening for healthcare facilities and congregate settings.
CDO Challenge Cup COVID-19 Virus Statement